Rawat Komputermu Dengan CCleaner

Hai, Bagaimana kabarnya ? Kali ini Planet Komputer akan menge-share tentang software bernama CCleaner. Software ini dapat dikatakan wajib dalam komputer. Software ini berfungsi untuk mengoptimalkan kinerja komputer anda.

Adapun fitur dari software ini :

Optimization of the entire network with one computer.

  • Admin Client module for scanning the entire network of systems not covered in the search for later installation on each of the found custom module User Client.
  • Analysis of individual workstations or workgroups, as well as the entire network.
  • Full support for the Active Directory.
  • Manage one or multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Encryption of data in information sharing.
  • Support for networks of all sizes (from small to large).
  • Full control of the rules of purification.
Operating System : Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Download CCleaner